Reformer Equipment Classes

Equipment classes are Pilates Reformer group classes, which is a piece of equipment on which the client exercises with a moving carriage attached to springs for resistance. It's a full body workout, where this special equipment can assist those with physical limitations or challenge the most fit individual.  If you have never worked on the reformer, please contact us to set up private lessons before attending a group class. 

Pilates Teacher Certification Program!

Summer training begins July 11th, 2015
Fall training begins Sept. 12th, 2015

Email us for an information packet!



Fitness Classes   

Fitness classes consist of Prima Barre, Barre Fitness, PiYo Strength, all Zumba formats, Hip Hop Hustle, Country Line Dance.  Additional 30 min. classes include the NEW Jillian Michaels BodyShred and Express Abs.  The 30 min. classes are complimentary when you purchase any of our regular Fitness and Equipment packages or can be purchased separately for $8.   

All levels of participants are welcome in these classes.  Our certified instructors always give options to modify or to challenge you!  Be sure to get approval from your doctor before joining any fitness or cardio class.  For pricing, please log onto the schedule and click on the pricing tab.

Contact us for questions!




Current Specials
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We have regular specials for new clients and we also run seasonal specials. Check here for what we currently offer.


New Client:

2 Week unlimited Fitness classes $30
1 Month unlimited Fitness classes $60
5 Pilates Group Equipment Classes $50
1 Month unlimited Pilates Group Equipment $99



All Clients:

1  Free fitness class during your birthday month
2. Loyalty Reward discount every 3 month's of 
    consistent attendance.
3. Client Referral savings


Groupon & Living Social Customers:

1.   Please go to "My Account" tab and create an account

2.   Email us with your voucher number and the type of promotion deal you purchased 


3.   We will verify your deal with the company you purchased from and put the credits on your account within 24 hours of receiving your email.  Possible delays are due to further information we request from you.

4.   You will receive a confirmation email from us.

5.   If you do not receive an email response within 24 hours, PLEASE call 714-970-0028.  It's possible it went to our spam folder.  Thank you!

6.   We look forward to meeting you and inspiring your journey toward a more fit and healthy body!


Welcome to The Pilates Body


Welcome to our NEW website!  We hope you find what you are looking for and please contact us if you have any questions. We have just added many new classes to keep your work-outs exciting.  Get out of your comfort zone and into your best body ever!  For the ultimate calorie burn, try our Jillian Michael's Body Shred, Booty Barre, Prima Barre, Cardio Reformer, Hip Hop Hustle, or Zumba classes.  Types of classes offered vary per location.  


The Pilates Body of Orange County

5100 E. La Palma Suite 117

Anaheim Hills, Ca 92807

Corner of La Palma / Kellogg



Weight Loss Challenge: (Starts TBA , 2015)
Accepting participation up through TBA

Shape up in our new 8 week weight loss challenge! This program will meet 3 times per week and focus on cardio and strength training to get lean and toned. We will utilize high intensity interval training which has been shown to burn fat faster, improve endurance and stamina, and improve heart health. Exercise selection will vary weekly, but will include cardio drills, plyometrics, body weight resistance, stability and endurance training, and core work. Challenge participants will also receive a one-on-one goal setting consult, body composition testing at weeks 1, 4, and 8. Also included are meal plans, recipes, weekly weigh in, ongoing support and accountability. 

Classes are Tue, Thur, Fri at 6:00am
Mon. 7pm, Tue. 8pm, Wed. 6pm

For optimal results, you should attend 3 times per week.
Choose AM or PM option.  If you need to mix and match, get approval through Carol. 
There are no discounts or refunds for any missed classes. 

Sign up at the online scheduler via purchase tab
$225 includes all the above description
(A minimal, one time, administration fee may apply based on the number of participants)
Client Loyalty Rewards

To show our appreciation for you being a loyal customer, we are giving increasing discounts every 3 months on your service purchases.
How it works...
1. You attend 3 months and get 3% off starting at the 4th month.
2. You attend 6 months and get 6% off starting at the 7th month.
3. You attend 9 months and get 9% off starting at the 10th month.
4. You attend 1 year and get 10% off starting at the 13th month.
5. Continue getting 10% off as long as you continue with us.

In order to receive these discounts, you must be set up on an auto pay system.
See studio for details.

Additional rules:
1. For each month you miss, you will be set back to the previous discount rate.
2. Each month does not have to be at the same package rate. For example, you can be on a 12 pkg one month and drop to a 4 pkg the next month.
3. Only applies to group classes. Does not apply to private lessons.
4. This Loyalty Reward Program goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2015.

Example A:
You've been coming for 8 months and currently get 6% off. Then, due to an accident, you miss 1 month.
When you return, you will start at 3% rate for 3 months and continue on track from there.
Example B:
You've been coming for 1.5 years and getting 10% off. Then, for whatever reason, you miss 2 months.
When you return, you will start at the 6% rate and continue on track from there.

I'm excited to see your progress and hope this Loyalty Reward Program will serve as part of your motivation to keep moving! All we want as PBOC instructors is for you to feel strong and healthy! To achieve this is to stay consistent with your work outs, let the instructors get to know you and help YOU get the body you want!
Here's to great things to come at PBOC!

Jodi Adamo
Referral Reward

When you refer a friend, family member, or colleague, earn credit toward your next service purchase!
1.  Your referral comes in and buys a "new client deal".
2.  Your referral enjoys classes and decides to buy a regular package.
3.  The amount of their package will be the amount you get to credit toward YOUR next purchase.

How exciting!   Here's how it works...
Imagine they buy a package for $96.  You will get $96 off your next purchase!
If you don't use it all, then the difference will be noted on your account for future purchases.
*The value will not be given in cash and only as a credit on your account.
*The referred client must acknowledge she/he was your referral before credit is given.